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Jun 18, 2008

tshirt haxx.

the dilemma. forced work shirt attire for company promotional outing.
first of all, normal tshirts make me look like i'm 13. and second, why do these sort of tshirts almost always come in size large and above? though i was able to score a coveted size "small", i decided to go ahead and attempt my first full tshirt modification on a large (which we had an abundance of at work). after finding some inspiration, i spent about 2 hours friday night hacking away and stitching it back together again. i ended up reversing the front and the back.. and turning it into a vneck, racerback type tank, and was pretty proud of the results...

of course rocking a work shirt is still hard.. even with the haxx. so i went a route so unlike me.. and sorta london punk.

and since i tend to go in spurts with my "creativity" i haxxed my planet zero tshirt, to a racerback tank.. and added the hood and kangaroo pocket.


Anonymous said...

great job!!! now YOU should be designing!

Anonymous said...

New designer in town!!