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Jun 1, 2008

château de versailles

day 12. the palace of versailles was the absolute one thing that i had to go to while in france. and we went on our last full day in paris. we woke up early and took the 1 hour train ride to versailles. luckily it appeared to not be overly busy when we arrived. it was amazing from the moment you entered the grounds, the feeling of just being there was surreal. and well photos just cannot capture the magnificence of the palace of versailles. i was in awe the entire time we were on the grounds.. from the château, to the gardens, to marie antoinette's domain.

the hall of mirrors. absolutely amazing.

Louis XIV bed chamber.

in the gardens, outside the château

Marie Antoinette's Petit Hameau. it took much walking to find this area in the vast gardens of versailles. T was ready to give up, but i was not leaving until i found her tiny village. and when we did it was absolutely perfect, and my absolute favorite part of versailles.


hiero said...

cute last pic

issa said...

aren't my self portrait techniques amazing? lol

hiero said...

quite! you must have a little midget that you keep in your purse for just such occasions!