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Jun 9, 2008


ok so i did do a little bit of shopping while on vacation.. but i'd say minimal. :) while i did do a bit of excessive vintage store shopping.. i only came out with 2 items.. the boots and the skirt (shown below).. and while i don't really think i'm a shoe person.. i ended up buying 3 pairs. some fabulous gladiator flats from h&m in london.. and a pair of black canvas sneakers that i just so happened to come upon.. while strolling le marais, i wandered into the bensimon shop.. which after googling back in the states.. happens to be a very coveted french shoe brand that all the local gals wear and it looks like even a few us boutiques are trying to carry them. and here i just thought they were a bit different.

threw some outfits together to show the new purchases:
gladiators from h&m, black leather boots (vintage for 10 euros), pleated skirt(vintage for 5euro), scarf from paris street vendors(i got 3 for me.. excessive, maybe.), bensimon shoes


Dru!!! said...

thu boots with the skuuurt
the whole club was lookin' at hurrrrrrrr

hiero said...

oops, deleted my other post...
haha, I couldn't quite put my finger on the look of those flats, then I read gladiator and it all made sense...