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Nov 21, 2006

wii. whee!!!

the past week was a busy work week. finishing projects and getting new ones with too soon due dates. we'll see how that effects my December. all the while i was keeping myself entertained by reading about the crazy that ensued due to the launching of next-gen consoles the PS3 and the Wii. well the crazy was more geared to the PS3 insane profit people were hoping for... while on saturday walking by the lineup outside of walmart i heard cheering as more people lined up (which i am quite sure is not what would've happened 2 days prior for the sony contraption). go fanboy love! me and the hubby being of the casual gamer genre, opted for the wii instantly. and i picked up ours last night. i'd say it is all we had hoped for.

other happenings.
Friday night, we trekked over to D's place for what we had interpreted as a friend's Thanksgiving dinner (with meatloaf). Props to chef D and his lovely lady roz for a wonderful dinner. Even with the part where they forced us to watch Rob&Big on mtv.
Saturday night, took my cousin out for a belated birthday dinner and outing. went to pic for dinner (the old aries), i expected it to be quite a bit more casual as the initial change over had insisted. instead the menu just changed to be more casual tastings with not too much of a change in price. unfortunate. if you're still going to charge 20+ entrees bring back the aries menu. after dinner we hung at tina's place for some 8bit gaming before heading out to 'ol reliable decco. lots of dancing.

somethings neat.