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Nov 21, 2006

no time warner tech support, i am not THAT slow.

so our internet has been down since yesterday afternoon, so the husband called and they said the fairbanks area was experiencing internet outage... but really are we considered fairbanks? during lunch today i checked to see if it was working.. still down, so when i got back to work i decided to get on their live chat system to see what is going on.

me(Tue Nov 21 13:43:26 CST 2006)>our internet has been down since yesterday but our cable tv works
TimeWarner minimum wage CSR(Tue Nov 21 14:44:33 CST 2006)>Your online talking to me now.
issa's head: ...
issa's head: omigaw rude.. i cannot believe...
issa's head: oh and it's YOU'RE not YOUR
me(Tue Nov 21 13:50:10 CST 2006)> i'm at work...
TimeWarner minimum wage CSR(Tue Nov 21 14:52:33 CST 2006)>Oh OK.