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Nov 9, 2006

do a blog roll!

considering my variance of posting habits is never consistent.. this past week i have had great blogging stature. multiple times in one week, and almost daily at that.. absurd! especially when there isn't really much for me to blog about. i generally use pictures to fill blog space and subject matters. but today i am writing about nothing in particular, and probably nothing that you even care about. but you ARE reading. and that is all that matters.

so yesterday my friend, i'll call her sharpie brown.. got sucked into the world of facebook. which i embarrassingly am already a part of.. though only login to verify friendship to others. this reminded me of when i was in out shopping a few weeks ago and there were these two women whom i assumed were mid to late 20s. all of a sudden lady 1 says to lady 2, "girl, i'm mad at you... i facebooked you and you didn't facebook me back!" i wanted to LOL. but restrained and cracked a smile as i ran to the other side of the store. what does it mean exactly to 'facebook' someone. do they have comments like on myspace? so leaving a comment on myspace would be 'myspacing' someone. strange.

apparently nearly 50% of my coworkers blog traffic comes from my site. i am awesome and he owes me that layout he promised me during the summer. but at this rate, whatever he was creating will be outta style by the time i actually get it.

i have realized that i would look much better if i had contrast/brightness adjustments +15, and hue/saturation +9 .. but that can vary.

work has been quite busy lately, and in the process of being busy with projects the war begins between QA and Development. this is when i realize how high maintenance and temperamental our main Dev is. i need to tell him to stop being a girl. i mean really. stop being so angry/sensitive emo mr. thirty something man.. your programs are not perfect. get over it. but work is good. haha.

i'm sure you have all noticed the slew of christmas commercials since halloween has passed.. and many are already disgusted or tired of them. i on the otherhand get excited each time one comes on. i am tempted to begin listening to my harry connick when my heart finds christmas cd. but i should at least wait till the week of thanksgiving. which reminds me.. i need to get that christmas tree sometime soon.


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