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Aug 27, 2009

the oceanaire.

for houston restuarant week, we booked reservations at the oceanaire.. it had a vast menu of choices to pick from so we figured.. good as time as any to try it out.

it ended up being another disappointment..

it wasn't that food was bad, but more that it wasn't anything particularly good either. like i would've enjoyed pappadeux just as well or even more so... which should not be the case at this price point and stature, this restuarant should be critiqued on a higher level. it's also probably because seafood is very particular. the freshest is the best.. and then cooked simply.. to taste the flavors. it seems oceanaire was all about the sauce that often overpowered. on the other hand service was very good.. and the place was pretty busy due to HRW.

i started with calamari.. which was good, albeit nothing special.. followed by a stuffed flounder with crab and brie with a lemon butter sauce... strangely enough packed full of crab.. and an enourmous amount of dill.. so i couldn't taste brie.. nor the butter lemon sauce.. it was more like dill cream sauce. two others in the group ordered the fishermens stew which was in a sauce that was painfully salty..
dessert was key lime pie.. straight from the freezer. but it was still good.. despite being half frozen.

so the dinner didn't go as well as planned the gathering of new and old friends was good enough to make the evening a success. although we all agreed. 2.5 stars for the oceanaire.. a place where we most likely won't do business again.

the oceanaire
5061 Westheimer Rd (Houston Galleria)
Housto, TX 77056


Trevor said...

Issa, We here at the Oceanaire would love for you and your friends to give us another chance to win you over. Please give us a call at 832-487-8862 and ask for Michael Petersen.

anhesty said...

great review. you should add your reviews onto i was just looking at the reviews for this place on yelp today too! what a coincidence!

issa said...

@Trevor: Thanks so much for stopping by my blog! Good to know that you guys are checking out what people think, and I'll definitely give Michael a call.

@Anh: I know!! I should start up a yelp account.. I have done a few reviews on open table though!