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Oct 1, 2008

where is this politicalness coming from?

i'm usually quite the unaware citizen when it comes to politics.. and generally i just don't discuss it. why? because i don't like debates, heated discussions, etc. everyone has their own beliefs, ideas, points of view and so on.. and they are entitled to that as am i so i just see no point in arguing over things like politics, religion. yes i am that person. you know.. bunnies and rainbows.

but i must say....

this years presidential race has just been so incredibly interesting.. enough for me to want to actually check out cnn (and not just to look at anderson cooper) instead of just the daily show and colbert report for news. i even tried to watch most of the presidential debate.. but mccain's creepy smile started to scare me.. so we had to change the channel after an hour.. though i'm tons more excited about the vp debate this thursday... because i am certain it will be tons more entertaining. :)

oh it should be noted that..

sarah palin is ridiculous. and no you should not feel sorry for her. i mean srsly she lives so close to foreign countries and read newspapers and magazines.. ALL of them in fact.. so cleary she should be able to actually answer a question.. with an answer.

and if you haven't already.. you betta register to vote. the clock is ticking.


Anonymous said...

Don't know why Obama is in the race for? No chance!