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Oct 13, 2008

shuffle up and deal.

so on saturday i attended a coworker's poker party (see cupcakes below). like many guys these days, my coworkers like poker. and they like the hefty $20 buy in. now normally i don't play poker.. i'll watch it on tv.. but yeah the hubby plays but i just don't.. i feel like i get high anxiety deciding when to hold 'em, fold 'em or walk away or run.. er.. wait. and both me and mr. rocks had agreed upon my poker skillz amounting to crap.
but for fun, when i'm invited i'll play along.. and donate my $20 for the gathering... this time i seemed to have luck instantly winning the first few hands. how strange! my chip stack slowly grew and the other players at the table were like what the heck while i was equally in a oh my how lucky am i state. i think they figured i was the new hustler in town.. fake acting like i didn't know what i was doing.. while i really didn't.. seriously! eventually my lucky cards cooled down.. and i let the other players play the cards and slowly knock each other out while i hung in there with a decent stack.. sometimes at times dwindling down slightly.. from bad calls, and early folds. once it got down to the last 5, i was the only girl remaining.. but i was chip leader.. oh yeah. one by one the guys left the table until it was me and the birthday boy playing heads up. now i didn't mind counting up our chips and splitting.. but he wanted to earn back more.. and go for winner take all. needless to say... it ended up winner take all after he went all in. the board was a bunch of low numbered cards and a king... we both paired the king... he had a king, nine. i had a king, ten. and with that i am almost certain will be my only poker tale.

maybe being this close to john juanda at the WSOP gave me some luck.


Dru!!! said...

I still can't believe they made you clean the table