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Mar 31, 2008

shoppings, too close for comfort.

this past weekend was the grand opening of the newest and i think only outlet center to be considered to be in houston (does katy mills count?). with it's extended hours, and opening on a thursday, i figured it was my best chance to go without the super crazy crowd that would be there starting friday evening. after a lazy evening, i finally decided to take a 'drive' to see how far the new outlets were. it ended up taking me just 10 minutes from my house to parking the car at the outlets, and it was still quite busy for after 9pm on a school night. the store list was not bad, though there were a few stores i've seen in the san marcos/roundrock centers that i would've liked to see here. but i am anxiously awaiting the rock&republic store to open. i pretty much skimmed the storefronts, and saw a line just to go into coach (ridiculous). with it being so close, i'm sure i'll be doing some midweek evening shopping. now i just need some suburban shopping buddies.