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Mar 17, 2008

as long as it's fried...

this past weekend a few of us headed to the Rodeo for incredibly delicious but bad for you foods.. which is the only reason my group of friends go to the Rodeo. * we met up jeannie just long enough to snap this photo

because we had heard of the parking nightmares when going to the rodeo, we opted to ride the ligh-rail.. it was a first for all of us.

Once we arrived the 4 of us immediately began eating.. our list of consumed foods included: turkey legs (1 fried and 1 smoked), bratwurst (x3), roasted corn (x4), corndog, millennium chips (with chili, cheese, bacon, and jalapenos), funnel cake, fried oreos... i think that's it.

D managed to stop by every concession along route to add more mustard and/or hot sauce to whatever he was consuming at that moment in time. ( i think i know what to get him for his birthday.)

and games were played... while money was lost. :(


hiero said...

YUMMMMMM, should've thought about that myself!

Dru!!! said...

you have an asterisk in your update but nothing to follow it up with.