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Feb 27, 2008

test subject.

i meant to post this awhile ago.. but it's pretty much a repost of what dru already posted on his blog.

so dru recently bought a light kit, to move forward in his dreams of starting studioDru, or Drutography, or TIGFOtography... whatever name he decides his photog business to be.

anyways 2 weekends ago, he decided it was finally time to set it up and test it out, and i so happened to be there, and yen just so happened to show up as well. (we had preplanned a gossip folks gathering).. after taking a few test shots with various light scenarios (1 light vs. 2 lights vs 3 lights) we headed out to Catalan for some wine/drinks and $12 bone marrow.

Dru always manages to capture great photos, but when they're of me, it's 1 vs 100.
this time was a rare event.. of course he's taken some of my fav photos (ie, profile photo on cliff and the infamous 'rap video' photo)


Dru!!! said...

why didn't you post that photo of you on your camera phone? Eh? EH?!

hiero said...

hey, those are actually great shots of you, evidenced by the fact that you actually are allowing your *gasp* face be shown in online pictures!