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Feb 17, 2008

recent eatings.

dru says i don't blog enough, but that he's satisfied with me at least food blogging. so be satisfied!

samgyeopsal - i had heard good things about pork belly (and it pretty much being bacon) i just had to try it myself. we wrapped all of the above in pickled radish and lettuce topped with some ssanjang (seasoned soy bean paste). i thought it was quite tasty.

vday dinner - T requested korean (since it seems to be my specialty lately) so we had kalbi (short ribs), seafood kimchi jigae, and green onion pajon. the house smelled like korean bbq until yesterday.

pidan congee - for brunch today, i reverted back to my roots with some thousand year old egg congee, along with various sides.


Anonymous said...

Looking good!!! we want some Haimul Pajean next time

hiero said...

not bad! but with the pork, it's more traditional to eat it with a salty sauce made with tiny little shrimp seasoned with peppers, etc, and some BEER or SOJU of course =)