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Apr 30, 2007

sugoi desu ne

went to Anime Matsuri this past weekend, and at first i was hesitant that this years concert would even equate last years with High and Mighty Color. i was wrong this years headliner Back-on was just as awesome, easiest comparison would be Linkin Park. Also I would have to say cosplaying at con > not cosplaying. Me and T went to the con early in the day to check out the dealer room for goodies. I have to say I felt a lil out of place being dressed.. "normal", almost as if the attendees were staring at us as being outcasts. Funny right? Anyways I opted to come back in the evening... in costume. YES! But too bad so sad no pictures were taken. Not on my camera anyways.. somebody did ask to take a photo of me.. I was Tifa from Advent Children.. and the biggest problem with dressing up a con, is having to pose for pictures if people like your costume enough. I mean the serious cosplayers already have their pose in mind. as for me i just stood there, trying to resist from throwing up the peace sign. I think the crew should have a collective theme for halloween this year. maybe Final Fantasy? Tekken? something like that. it'll be freakin awesome!

more back-on.


mhoskins said...

Jin Kazama!

Guess I'd have to work out a bit more for that, though.