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Apr 17, 2007

pretentious weekend

the self proclaimed pretentious weekend, began on thursday evening, when the immediate crew headed out to MFAH to see the MET exhibition. it was an enjoyable evening and experience being so close to Monet's, Renoir's, and Van Gogh's. i hope to see many more great things during the upcoming italy adventure. then we come to saturday, where we took the parents out to see Wicked for a matinée show and then dinner at backstreet cafe immediately after. both i must say were superb. Wicked was a good choice to take the family as it was very entertaining for all ages. (i think had we taken them all to see les miserables, my dad would almost for certain be snoring by the third song) and with backstreet cafe visited, i get to cross off another restaurant off my list of places to try. i ordered one of the specials for the night, a softshell crab dish with a crawfish champaign sauce. YUM.

i did notice that at the back of the playbill there were statistics on people who go to see shows in the theatre district:
median age: 45.9 (I think we ruin the curve)
average annual household income: $132,240 (sure, for 45.9 year olds that is feasible)
automobiles: 74% own 2 or more cars (2!!!)
median value of residence owned: $476,315 (!!! those 45.9 year olds are in some serious debt)
dining out: 91% of the theatre audience are avid restaurant goers (well yeah, that $476,315 house kitchen is too nice to use)
occupation: professional, managerial & executive - 64% (could you be any more general?)
time spent reading playbill: 10 min (i think for me 15 min)


Anonymous said...

What a nice looking family! :)