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Mar 12, 2007


lately i have had the constant urge to make cupcakes... i finally started the quest to ultimate cup-caking on saturday. using ingredients i had on hand, i attempted a chocolate/hazelnut cupcake. it ended up being a dark chocolate cupcake, filled with nutella topped with a butter cream frangelico frosting.
i think that they turned out pretty well, and the family loved them.

earlier in the week, there were mentionings of bo luc lac (aka shaking beef) a vietnamese dish i was introduced to while in Austin. after having a terrible version of it during my birthday, and hearing that d was making it, i decided to take a stab at this dish myself. it ended up 10x better than Mai's, but i should have used a more tender cut of beef.


Anonymous said...

nutella makes everything better. i like to eat nutella with a fancy spoon.