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Apr 29, 2010

the perm.

digital perm to be exact.  i had a strong urge to get one a few years ago.. and i finally did it.  the difference between a digital perm and a regular perm.. is that a digital perm uses rollers that get heated, to give more of a  curling iron effect.  also they perm only to about eye level.. and i'm pretty sure it started in korea... so my korean bff made an appointment for me at a local korean salon. (tabong salon on long point)  $150 poorer and about 2.5 hours later.. i was done.  initially i was expecting large lush waves like namie amuro.
but they chopped off A LOT of hair.  like scary amounts.. to get rid of the split ends, as well as to add LOTS of layers. so instead it's a bit more like song hye gyo from full house.
which is not necessarily a bad thing.. and i've always heard a perm takes some getting used to.. but it's day 5 and i'm glad to say i'm starting to like.  and once i get more practice.. with 'styling' which is super easy.. and low maintenance.. which i'm all about.  although one thing, when it's wet it's a bit scary curly.  but once it's dry.. it's fantastic.


anhesty said...

i think it looks fabulous. if i grow out my hair long again. i will def do a digi perm.

Hanh said...

the perm looks great on you, Melissa!!

Liz P. said...

I think your perm looks GREAT, love it!!