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Nov 19, 2009

wonton time.

pork and shrimp wontons.

i had a craving... so i made some. T even helped wrap some of 'em too :)


annie cat said...

They look perfect for a cooler fall dinner! How do you find time to work and come home and hand wrap each little wonton?

anhesty said...

looks delish! and how do you make time to make this?? i want some now!

issa said...

@annie/anh: Thanks!!! haha i know.. i had this planned ahead of time so had all the stuff defrosted when i got home.. but the wrapping took most of the time.. and T helped with that.. then cooking was fast.. we ate dinner by 7 :)

hiero said...

good job on wrapping! looks professional!

Nishant said...

They look perfect

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