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Sep 3, 2009

cafe rabelais

french noshing in houston at it's best.

over a month ago i had the opportunity to go with the MIL to dinner at this quaint french cafe set amongst shops in Rice Village.. the wait was a little long but doable as we sat outside sipping on a cold glass of white wine..
once we were seated we glanced over the chalkboard menu and decided quickly on what to order...
we started with the foie gras pâté.. i'm generally a seared foie gras kind of girl.. but this was one of the best foie gras pâté (besides in paris) that i've had.. it was melt in your mouth goodness.. this delectable dish was soon followed by escargot... and oh how i love my escargot in delicious garlic/parsley butter... that i continued to dip my bread in long after the tasty morsels were gone..
for our main course we split a bowl of mussels along with a side salad.. needless to say we were quite stuffed after.. with barely room for a cappuccino for dessert.

i need a return visit sometime soon... and also need to visit their sister restaurant Max&Julie.. for some steak tartar.

2442 Times Blvd
Houston, TX 77005


christmascarol said...

I've heard good things about this place - will need to try when I move :)

anhesty said...

oooo i have to try this place!

Sparky said...

funny, this was the first place i went to eat with tramanh & tu! very delicious indeed, with good wine.

i'm making a list of your reviewed/visited restaurants so i can try them myself :) thanks doll!

hiero said...

yup! I love rabelais, very good stuff

Anonymous said...

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