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Jun 16, 2009

music hotness

so i tend to complain about the lack of music festivals down here.. sure there's ACL festival.. in September (which is like always ridiculously hot)... but the ones in town.. seem to be nonexistent.

now out of the blue there's 2 music festivals coming up.. one in July and another in August.

first... texas heat music festival. which is happening over July 4th weekend in Downtown.. and is shockingly full of electronica goodness..

second.. free press summer fest. which is being held the send weekend in August at Elenor Tinsley Park.. and bringing in notable indie groups like of Montreal and Broken Social Scene. exciting.

the best part is both these music fests are quite affordable.. the bad thing? houston is already scorching right now... why are these music festivals happening during the late summer.. when it's killer? i mean.. texas heat festival, with it's dance music.. that's a HEAT STROKE waiting to happen. don't get me wrong.. i'm HAPPY that they're trying to host these fests in town.. but SRSLY when everyone else is hosting spring/summer fests.. in 70 degree weather.. we should maybe.. think of doing ours off season.. when our weather is actually pretty good.


hiero said...

tell it! can you imagine how nice a spring or early 'winter' fest would be in houston? OOH, dude, free press list looks pretty good tho! let's do it!

issa said...

@hier0: YES.. let's do free press!

anhesty said...

i saw these via email. i am planning on doing the free press as well. going to re-post this on my blog as well.