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Jan 8, 2008

holidays over :(

well the holidays have came and gone, and so has 2007. did the usual, with christmas eve mass and dinner at the parents, then had christmas day dinner at my house. mass was interesting, because we ended up at the Life Teen christmas mass.. so all the music was 'different'. they band/choir opened with a the lyrics of the little drummer boy to the music of kashmir by led zeppelin (you know.. P.Diddy also used the track for Come with me from Godzilla). it was quite bizarre actually. dad made a plethora of good foods as usual, including picking up some fresh uni. i went somewhat traditional and made stuffed cornish game hens for christmas day.

for new years eve (aka our anniversary) we went to da marco for an exquisite dinner, which included truffles... (not the chocolate) then stopped by to hang out with roz+d before heading home to catch the countdown on tv. 2007 was a pretty good year, here's hoping for an even better 2008!