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Nov 2, 2007

accidental linkage hazard!!!

i have been the victim of accidental copy/paste errors a few times before. you know, sending the wrong link/image to someone thinking that you had copied a new/different link.. but your OS pwnz you instead.
here is the encounter i had today with office bff and probably the best example:

issa says (2:31 PM):
issa says (2:31 PM): WANT TO DO NOW.
issa says (2:31 PM): i remember that comic..
office bff says (2:32 PM): you want to...get a chick to take her clothes off?
issa says (2:32 PM): whoops
issa says (2:32 PM):
office bff says (2:33 PM): ah yes
issa says (2:35 PM): i think that was the best accidental wrong link sending evar.
issa says (2:35 PM): only made better by me saying WANT TO DO.
office bff says (2:36 PM): pretty much
issa says (2:36 PM): it is almost blag worthy.
office bff says (2:37 PM): I was like, "sooo...who has the guitar? aaaand...why are you sending to me?"
issa says (2:37 PM): haha.. indeed
office bff says (2:37 PM): DO NOT WANT
issa says (2:37 PM): LOL
office bff says (2:37 PM): TROUBLE DO ENSUE


dham said...

wait a sec, didn't you have a pic of you, a guitar, and no clothes at some point? HA, you DID IT TO YOURSELF!

issa said...

I HAD CLOTHES ON!!! guitar was too big.... so clothes was hidden!