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Sep 4, 2007

go fish.

over the long weekend i cooked.

sekrit ingredient: whole tilapia.

above is_ a sweet/sour/spicy fish. - first i floured, then pan-fried the fish, before topping it in a sweet/sour with jalepenos sauce. i think T liked how it turned out, but the fish had a lot of bones.

below is_ a chinese style steamed fish. - nothing else feels like home. steamed the fish topping it with ginger, salt, pepper, soy sauce, and oil, then topping it off with some julienned green onions last minute.

and that's the end of the fish round.. next.

i also cooked during the week.

general chou's chicken.

bo luc lac (again)

yesterday i even made the attempt at making a korean green onion pajon. no pictures though. i need to practice that more though... now what to make for dinner... ciao!


You Know Who- The Gifmeister! said...

You should call it General Chou's chicken.

issa said...

you mean with capitalization?

trick said...


Anonymous said...

almost graduated!!!