This is where the hungry come to feed. For mine is a generation that circles the globe and searches for something we haven't tried before. So never refuse an invitation, never resist the unfamiliar, never fail to be polite and never outstay the welcome. Just keep your mind open and suck in the experience. And if it hurts, you know what? It's probably worth it.

Aug 11, 2005

a new day. a new blog.

today i signed up on blogger, and miraculously they had 'lilorchid' untaken. well i guess you could say they were holding it just for me, then i decided well new blog, might as well get a new name. thus, issarocks was born. i decided i wanted somewhere to write that was less xangafied with well... xangstas. so here i am a whole new blog to write about absolutely nothing, isn't it beautiful? yeah, i think so too. well work has been going by slowly lately.. i think it's because of the lack of things to 'qa' and the bulk of things to document, research, review... etc. all good though.. since i do like it here. i like the lax environment, nice coworkers (more than half are uber gamers), and the fact that i can where tank tops and flipflops to work.. w00t. things at home have been well.. everything i hoped it would be :) sure we dont do anything to 'wild and crazy' but it's so nice and relaxing sitting at home.. eating a nice homecooked meal (made by yours truly).. catching up on all the tv i missed during college.. heh.. and doing randomness stuff.. like playing the sims on xbox.. sure the yard work isn't very fun.. but it feels good when we finish a project.. and ofcourse there's the best part of the house.. furnishing and decor.. i'm having much fun looking through catalogs and watching hgtv. and things with the hubby? well i'm absolutely mad about him. more and more each day <3 as for friends.. well i couldn't ask for more.. i am lucky.

and that my friends, is my first post.